Your Big Fish Tank – Large fish for a large tank

Some aquarium hobbyists just aren’t happy limiting themselves to a 40 gallon aquarium full of plenty of small or medium sized community fish.  When it comes to owning a 100+ gallon tank, large fish are an obvious choice.  Here is a list of some of the larger fish that will look great in a bigger fish tank:

OscarsAstronotus ocellatus – Oscars are probably one of the most popular bigger fish species.  They grow quickly, have a variety of color options, and just look plain mean!  Fortunately, they have more bark than bite, and can live with other similarly sized tankbuster fish.

Clown knife
Notopterus chitala – Clown knives are very unique big fish.  They grow up to 40″ long and have a very unique shape.  Plus, the dots on their sides will keep you coming back for more!

Osteoglossum bicirrhosum – Arowanas are very cool eel-shaped fish that grow to 3 feet!  If you are keeping arowanas, be careful to prevent them from jumping out of the tank.  Large arowanas can be housed with plecos, green terrors, and oscars.  Arowanas are neat in that they are specialized to feed from the surface.

Pacus Colossoma spp. – Pacus are a type of tetra fish, which is easily understood when you look at their general body shape.  There are many species of pacus, and some look very appealing in large fish tanks.  Pacus are omnivores that grow to monstrous proportions, even in the home aquarium.

PiranhasSerrasalmidae family – In the aquarium trade, the red and black piranha are the most popular types.  They are viscious and, as with many tankbusters, care must be kept to avoid harm to the fish keeper.

When you have a big tank, large fish can be kept properly and definitely make for a great show tank.  Be sure to research what type of food you need to feed your tankbusters.  Not all of them are carnivorous!

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