Unique Betta Fish Bowls For Your Siamese Fighting Fish

Betta fish are some of the most popular and beautiful fish that fish owners buy. The colors and the personalities of these fish are suited to most people and they are very unique looking fish that can add a bunch of color to a room. Since they are such unique fish, you can add even more to their style with unique betta fish bowls. Unique betta fish bowls come in an array of shapes and sizes that are perfect for the living environment of the betta fish.

Here are some ideas for unique betta fish bowls:

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The Tea Cup glass fish bowl – perfect for display in a kitchen or dining room area; also makes an attractive centerpiece in an office.
Decorative etched glass fish bowls – these are more traditionally shaped but they come with beautiful designs etched into the glass; choose something that is well suited for any room and add a real unique flavour.
Glass fish bowl bookends – these are two separate bowls that hold two fish separately. They look great in an office or in a bedroom or anywhere that you might display your favourite books.
Fish shaped glass fish bowls – these are very cute and come in different shapes and sizes. They draw attention to your beautiful betta fish and are made with hand blown glass; you can even get them with blue tinted glass!

One important thing to keep in mind when looking at or buying unique betta fish bowls is that betta fish do need a minimum amount of water. Many people say that they need a few gallons of water, but if you are diligent with water changes, and do these at least once per week, a betta can happily live in a few liters of water. The key is to keep their water fresh to avoid build up of toxic chemicals.

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