Wall Fish Tank – The ultimate aquariums

When it comes to aquariums, there are two pinnacles of this hobby that almost every aquarist dreams of eventually owning – the show quality reef tank, and a beautiful wall fish tank. Wall fish tanks are sought after and dreamed about because they are unique, rare, and guaranteed conversation starters!

Imagine this: you walk into a room in a friend’s house. Immediately your eyes are drawn to the main wall that houses something you’ve only seen in pictures before. One quarter of the wall is dedicated to a built in aquarium! This wall fish tank is unique because it’s not sitting on a table, stand, or desk. It is actually built right into the wall. All the mechanics of the aquarium are hidden within the wall or in the adjacent room. Best of all, the fish swim around in the aquarium, and lead to a sense of great depth.

Wall fish tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be the large 100 gallon tanks with a room dedicated to the aquarium equipment and supplies, or they may be just a small wall mounted betta tank that is as small as 1 gallon! A new contender in the wall fish tank market is the ~5″ deep tank hidden within a picture frame. These give the unique aquarium the look of a great piece of art!

Not all species of fish are suited to life in a wall fish tank. Before you go out and buy one of these aquariums, a little advice is warranted. First of all, most makes and models are rather thin since the weight must be supported by the wall. Be ready to stick to smaller fish that can easily turn around in a tank as thin as 5 inches. Fortunately, this does not limit you too much as there are hundreds of freshwater aquarium fish that are smaller than 3 or 4 inches long. Some species that would look fantastic in a wall-mounted aquarium are guppies, danios, white cloud minnows, dwarf gouramis, and many others. There is no reason that snails, frogs, and other aquarium pets can’t be kept in these fish tanks either!

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If you are serious about owning a wall fish tank, then you are in luck. They are no longer priced out of the range of most people! Beautiful wall-mounted aquarium kits are available for under $200. Click here for discount wall aquariums.

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