What are the best small fish for your mini aquarium?

The truth is, maintaining a mini aquarium is relatively easier than keeping one of the larger fish tanks. Aside from having only a few cubic feet of water to sustain with oxygen, clean water and a few plant life, there are also fewer numbers of small fish to take care of. However, in order to ensure that your mini aquarium is running as smoothly as possible, your first step is to always find the best pet to keep in such containers.

Aquarium reptiles and amphibians can make great pets, but could be in need of high maintenance care. Small fish, on the other hand, especially the hardier ones, are very easy to take care of and are quite suitable for mini aquariums that might be left in the charge of young kids. Examples of these fish are:

1. Tetras – these are probably the smallest and most resilient of all the small fish you can keep in a mini aquarium. These fish usually come in very bright colors and thrive wonderfully when kept in small schools. The most popular varieties of tetras are the: Buenos Aires tetra, black neon tetra, black tetra (including the black skirt or black widow tetra,) and the neon tetra, and many others.

2.Platys or swordtails – These very colorful albeit oddly shaped freshwater fish are usually classified under the xiphophorus genus and can reach lengths of no more than 14 centimeters long. These are extremely hardy creatures that also thrive better if kept in schools. Some of the most popular varieties of platys are: green swordtail, marbled swordtail, variable platy fish and the yellow swordtail.

3.Bettas – The most commonly kept species of betta is Betta splendens. These are the aggressive and brightly colored fish that are said to thrive in small amounts of water. The truth is that bettas do better with 1+ gallons of water. Bettas breathe air and do not strictly require an air pump or filter. Other wild species of bettas that are small fish are Betta falx and Betta simplex.

A list of small aquarium fish could go on and on so this list will end here. Other fish to consider are mollies, guppies, or you might want to look into African dwarf frogs!

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